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Welcome.  This site is devoted to learning about large molecules at LSU. 

Integrated Lab/Lecture Discovery and Concept Building Concerning Large Molecules 

Key concepts are integrated with research with funding from the National Science Foundation   National Science Foundation

Contact Information

Professor of Record:  Paul Russo (chruss@lsu.edu)

Other Professors: See CONTACT table below

Name aDays Phone e-mail
Cueto 2 578-3361  rcueto@lsu.edu
Daly 1 578-3237  chdaly@lsu.edu
Dooley 4 578-1426  dooley@che.lsu.edu
Hung 0-1 578-3546  frhung@lsu.edu
Li 0-1 578-5302  lguoqi1@lsu.edu
Licata 2 578-2640  licata@lsu.edu
Meng 0-1 578-5832  wmeng@me.lsu.edu
Negulescu 1 578-1684  inegule@lsu.edu
Nesterov 0-1 578-3236  een@lsu.edu
Pojman 0-5 578-7202  japojman@lsu.edu
Russo XXX 578-5729  chruss@lsu.edu
Spivak 2 578-2868  dspivak@lsu.edu
Wu 0-1 578-8369  wuqing@lsu.edu
Zhang 2 578-4893  dhzhang@lsu.edu

             aAbout how many days does this professor lecture in Chem4010?