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For the picture at left, from left to right:

Daphne Augustin, San Gil Youm, Rogers Nyamwihura, Lu Lu, Carlos Chavez, Brandon Chan, Maggie Thomasson, Elizabeth Jee, Sourav Chatterjee, Ryan Al-Marhoun, Akanksha Kanitkar, Justin Piche', Not shown: Lulit Affin

Fall 2010 Chem 4010 Class with on Final Exam Day (Dec. 7, 2010, also Pearl Harbor day)

Professor of Record: Paul Russo

Assisting Professor: Donghui Zhang

TA: Wayne Huberty

Best things about this semester: Really good teamwork by students on problems, six students chose MSG faculty, pretty good progress on programming, identified VBA as the probably preferred language for beginners, some new problems and slight refinements on virtual text, some rubrics added to Workbook. Double Helix movie digitized....badly. one got sick from Dinner & Movie food! Introduction of some lectures on applications (LC, Batteries, drug delivery) and the usual great participation by MSG faculty (Sabliov, Nesterov, Licata, Pojman, Negulescu, Cueto, Dooley) and staff (Drs. Hasan, Pu and Lichtenberg). 

Worst things:  not enough processing/rheology soon enough; not enough synthetic experimentation; a bit too much oscillation between subjects due to schedule conflicts, some students relying too heavily on others for programming assistance, leading to repeated errors instead of fresh individual approaches; more progress on Virtual Book.