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For picture at left: 

Back/Middle row:  Darren Oufnac, Yuming Yang, Kristy Green, Ionella Chiparus, Sibel Erdem, Matt McKenzie, Rahul Maharsia,  Alex Vara

Front:  Elena Loizou, Vidhi Maheshwari, Brian Benson, Cresta Marshall, YaLiang, Zhixong Peng

Missing:  Jerry Rucker



The Fall 2003 4010 class was one of the most fun ever.  For one thing, the students got along well.  There were a few....ummmm.....colorful characters in this class and some quiet, studious types.  There was a nice mix of scientific interests.  The teams got along fistfights!  We were more or less on schedule for the whole semester, a first.  Next year:  a lecture on tensors before processing rheology, continued harping about understanding a few problems well, more in the way of practical polymers--"how stuff works" more often. 

I hope a few will continue on to 4011, including some who we "lost" to other areas of chemistry but wish well nevertheless.