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Appoved at last! 

The purpose of MS I and II is to provide a balanced and comprehensive one-year introduction to large molecule science and technology, building both theory and lab skills.  LSU is among the best universities anywhere for learning about macromolecules, but our course offerings evolved from a traditional chemistry and engineering backgrounds.  At some point, we realized that allowing the first course (Chem 4595, Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules in Solution) to have the words "Physical Chemistry" in the title was not helping us attract students!   Duh!  More importantly, P.Chem. of solutions is not necessarily the best place to start learning about polymers.  Not only that, but the associated laboratory course (Chem 4695) was not offered regularly. 

MS I and MS II were devised by a team of faculty from Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Textiles Science to meet the broader needs and provide a more integrated lab/lecture experience.  We hope you like the new courses...and that you will help us make them better with your suggestions.  Be patient, please!