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Day Two Class Photo

Jeffrey Milne doing an Examplanation

Spaghetti & Movie: OK, so the sauce was a bit gloppy, but.the movie was illuminating. Thanks to Prof. Hammer for suggesting it.

Prof. Hammer lecturing a bit before the movie.

Group shot at the end of class.

Second group shot at the end of class.

Final Exam Day! Such smiles!

 In the group shots at end of class, from left to right:  William Gehling, James Ceasr, Fei Yao, Albert Leo Dela Cruz, Daniel Lazarro, Miriam Smith, Nick Garriano, Lauren Jagneaux, Fabiana Mendoza, Rachel Henken, Darina Polakova, Jeffrey Milne, Andrew Kopfinger, Zhiju Zheng, Cristina Martinas, Hillary Tanui