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News of December 26, 2001

Whew!  That was a difficult semester.  We promised you a different class, but even we never imagined it would be this different.  Thanks for your patience.  Despite the sudden schedule changes, it looks like you learned a lot about macromolecules to judge by the final exam.  One thing you should get from this:  macromolecular studies is a very broad area.  Everyone from biologist to synthetic chemist to theoretical physicist can play.   Synthesis to us might mean micro-organism or Exxon-Mobil.  Characterization could mean melt index (how unmolecular!) or MALDI-TOF.  

There is plenty more to learn, too!  We hope to see you next semester.  Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy these photos.  Keep these!  Someday, you will be attending the retirement party for some distinguished classmate...and these photos will give you the perfect chance to show and say something profound, funny or profoundly funny.   

Best wishes for the New Year!

   --The Macromolecular Studies Professors

Visiting the Exxon-Mobil Plant, December 2001

Ready to be Safe in Festive Christmas Colors!  

Excited (or maybe not?) about the last days of class.  

From left to right:  Chayla Freeman, Mihaela Cucu, Musyimi Harrison, Jirun Sun, Stafford McCaskill, Lacramioara (Lily) Negureanu, Caleb Clark, Veronica Holmes, Cheri McFerrin, Rhonda Nichols, Caroline Ongayi, Allison Joubert, Matthew Malwitz, Christopher Sparrow, Ahmad Bahamdan  

(Not present:  Matthew Balhoff)  

(In fairness, they were told to look weird for this photo, which was used for comic relief during the Christmas Party.  See how well they follow directions!)