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CHEMISTRY 7780, section 1, Fall 2002

 Macromolecular Systems III:  Polymer Synthesis


 Lecture:  Tues, Thurs 4:40-6:00 PM, room 202 Williams Hall


Course Professors:   David A. Spivak, 735 Choppin, Tel:  578-2868,

                                                                Email:  David_Spivak@chem.lsu.edu                          

                                                                Office hours:  4:30-5:30 Mondays


                                 William H. Daly, 712 Choppin, Tel:  578-3462,

                                                                 Email:  chdaly@lsu.edu

                                                                 Office hours:  TBA


Required Text:        G. Odian, "Principles of Polymerization", 3rd ed., McGraw Hill, 1991. 

                                    This text provides excellent coverage of kinetics and polymerization

                                    mechanisms as well as some description of experimental techniques.  Very

                                    comprehensive coverage of literature up to publication date.


Optional Texts:        1.  H.R. Allcock, F.W. Lampe, "Contemporary Polymer Chemistry", 2nd

                                    ed., Prentice Hall, 1990. 


                                    2.  M.P. Stevens, "Polymer Chemistry, An Introduction", 2nd ed., Oxford

                                    Univ. Press, 1990.


                                     3.  H-G. Elias, "An Introduction to Polymer Science", VCH, 1997

Grading & Dates:      Mid-term Examination:  25%  October 17, 4:40-6:00.

Final Examination:  35%  TBA  (Note: your grade on the final must not be more than one grade below your grade going into the final, or you will be lowered one grade level, regardless of total point score.)

Research Report:  15%  Due November 26, Topic due October 31

Homework Assignments:  25%

Course Objectives:

The goals of this course are to expose students to the fundamentals of macromolecular design and synthesis.  Specific goals include an understanding of:

                         1.  Types of polymers (e.g. functionality, architecture, etc.), their properties, and


                        2.  Polymerization mechanisms, catalysts, and initiators.

                        3.  Kinetics of polymerization reactions.

                        4.  Advanced polymer synthesis techniques (e.g. copolymers, polymer

                             modification, etc.).

      In addition, everyone in Macromolecular Systems III will be required to submit a research paper on a selected topic in polymer chemistry.  The purpose of this exercise is to acquaint you with the literature in polymer chemistry and provide you with an opportunity to go beyond the introductory level in some selected area.  These research reports should be no more than 10 typed pages excluding a complete biography.  You should approach the organization and presentation of material form the standpoint of a resource paper that will bring a research supervisor "up-to-date" on a particular topic.  Each of you will need to meet with either Dr. Daly or Dr. Spivak to discuss an appropriate topic.  An approved research topic must be submitted on or before October 31, preferably in costume.  Research reports are due November 26.  Some suggested possible topics for research papers are the following:


Microbial Synthesis of Polymers                                   

 Living Cationic Polymerization

Group Transfer Polymerization                       

 Living Free Radical Polymerization

Biodegradable Polymers                                            

 Polymer Chemistry of Contact Lenses

Mass Spectrometry of Polymers                                 

Polymerization of Surfactant Structures

Photoresponsive Polymers and Materials                      

Polymer Synthesis in Supercritical CO2

Dendridic Polymer Synthesis                                       

New Developments in Telechelic Polymers

New Developments in Polymers for Photoresists          

Solid State NMR of Polymers

Metal Catalyzed Olefin Polymerization             

Silane-Containing Polymers

Fluorinated Polymers                                                   

Polymer Thin Films

Chiral Polymers                                                          

 Liquid Crystalline Polymers


Lecture Sequence



Lecture Date 

 Lecture Topic              in Odian

Aug.  27, 29   

 Polymer Types & Properties            Chap. 1

Sep.  3, 5      

 Chain Polymerization (Radical)       Chap. 3

Sep.  10, 12  

  Chain Polymerization:  Living Polymerization  

Sep.  17, 19    

 Polymer Holiday  

Sep.  24

Emulsion, Suspension Polymerization         Chap. 4

Sep.  26  

    Ionic Polymerization (Cationic)   Chap. 5

Oct.  1  

 Ionic Polymerization (Anionic)  

Oct.  3  

Coordination Polymerization (Ziegler-Natta)            Chap. 8   p. 626-662

Oct.  8      

Copolymerization       Chap. 6

Oct.  10                                               Fall Holiday 


Oct.  15   


Oct.  17                                               Midterm


Oct.  22  

Stereochemistry                                                Chap. 8

Oct.   24  

Step Polymerization                          Chap. 2

Oct.  29    

 Step Polymerization  

Oct.  31    

Polymer Modification                                        Chap. 9

Nov.  5 

Ring Opening Polymerization                Chap. 7

Nov.  7

Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP, ADMET)  

Nov.  12  

Group Transfer Polymerization  

Nov.  14

   Coordination Polymerization Revisited:  


(Organometallic Catalysts)  

Nov.  19 

Strategies for Controlling Polymer Architecture:  


(Dendrimers, Hyperbranched Polymers, Template  


Polymerization, Polymerization at Interfaces)  

Nov.  21  

 Conjugated Polymers  

Nov.  26 

 Inorganic Polymers  

Nov.  28     Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec.  3  

 Biopolymers 1  

Dec.  5

Biopolymers 2  



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