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Matt McKenzie Dye Rinse from L-HPC Matt McKenzie Dye Rinse from L-HPC Labeling HPC -- Squeezing in with Spivak's Organic Majors Lab
Jian Qiu with FITC-dyed HPC

Jian Qiu with FITC-dyed HPC

Hyuk Yu After Last Seminar
Beware of Salespersons with Blowtorch Plumbing With Style  

Spring 2004

Some brave students continued on from F2003 (Matt McKenzie, Brian Benson, Cresta Marshall, James Rucker, Ionella Chiparus, Elena Loizou) and Pejvak Soltany joined this semester only.  Getting them to program in VB was like pulling teeth, but weaker (yet effective) workarounds were found in Excel and other programs.  We met for 3-hr sessions once each Monday, focusing entirely on Thermodynamics, Transport and the related analytical methods for each.  New was "recitation"--assigned homework or exam (answer key) problems for Thursday's integrative experiences.  We focused on "translation":  given a set of equations, "just do it".  We were visited by Hyuk Yu during March.  A project from Dow occupied some of the lab-based effort (but we did not spend very much time in lab compared to some iterations of the course).