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Beginning of the Ultimate Cheat Sheet


Class of Fall, 2005

(pix are almost identical)

Left to right:  Jonathan Bakke, William Schreiter, Michelle Collins, Murali, Seenappa, Michael Delee, Michelle Urbina, Rochelle Williams, Jason Scorsone, Lancia Darville, Bryan Brown, Elizabeth Wedlake, Marc Peterson, Nicole Hollabaugh

Best thing about this semester: inclusion of 7 professors, allowing the material to be more and more like a seminar in macromolecules, during which (one hopes) the students found some interesting things to pursue on their own.  Worst thing:  hurricanes don't make space problems and coordination of tasks any easier.  Conclusion:  we may have about hit the limit of what we can include, and even maintaining this will require more structure, fixed lab space and higher levels of communication.