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Virtual Macro Book

(undergoing development; much material is referred to as "notes" that are slowly being converted to chapters and reorganized)

Many books are available on reserve in the Chemistry Library.  We are developing this virtual book to tell the macromolecular story our own way, but it takes time and may never quite substitute for a real book.  Even if it did, advanced students should read several books.  Patience! 

Section I, Chem 4010: Chapters 1 - 10

Chapter 1 Introduction:  how big is big, how much do we use, etc.  (SlideShow

  • Appendix A More Introduction, with pictures & examples (by Gudrun Schmidt)
  • Appendix B More Introduction (by William H. Daly)
  • Appendix C A bit about rubber (Russo, in preparation) (Slide Show)

Chapter 2 Poly(classifications):  the many ways to classify macromolecules (SlideShow)

Chapter 3-Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution

Part 1 Introduction & Statistical Viewpoint

Part 2 Kinetic Viewpoint (Dooley) (Spreadsheet)

     (Slide Show: How MWD is measured) (Alternate Slide Show:  GPC) (History of GPC)

Appendix A: Excel for Big 3 Distributions

Appendix B: MALDI-TOF notes  

Appendix C: Radical Polymerization Kinetics (Russo)

Chapter 4 Viscosity--Staudinger's hypothesis, a bit of polymer history, and tangible evidence for large molecules

Chapter 5 Polymer Chemistry

Appendix Part 1 Polymer Chemistry Overview (Daly) (SlideShow) (Etomica Simulation)

Appendix Part 2 Polycondensations (Daly) (Slide Show)

Appendix Part 2a Anatomy of Addition Polymerization (Daly) (Slide Show)

Appendix Part 2b  Polyurethanes (Russo)

Appendix Part 2c Nylon & other polyamides (Russo)

Appendix Part 3 Precipitation Chemistry (Daly)

Appendix Part4a Types of Vinyl Polymerization (Slide Show)

Appendix Part 5 Coordination Polymerization (Daly to convert to text) (Slide Show)

Appendix Part 6 Controlled Polymerization (Zhang)

        Appendix_Movie of Ziegler-Natta synthesis (web link) 

        Appendix Polymer Properties in a Nutshell (Daly)

Appendix Part 7 Step vs Growth, Tg, Structure

Chapter 6 Polymer Dimensions (Slide Show) (Our Random Walk Simulation)

Chapter 7 Morphology: Microscopy & Scattering (Slide Show)



Chapter 8 Thermal Properties (Slide Show)

Thermal Transitions (Tg, DSC, etc.)  

Chapter 9 Rheology/Processing

Chapter 10 Biopolymers               


Section II, Chem 4011 Chapters 11 Onward

 Chapter 11. Thermodynamics Review

    Thermodynamics Summary

    Spinodal Decomposition Library

 Chapter 12.  Macromolecular Thermodynamics

Origin of Nonideality in Polymeric Systems

Brilliant Successes of the Flory-Huggins Theory

Abysmal Failures of the Flory-Huggins Theory

Flory-Huggins In A Single Day

Flory-Huggins Library

Chapter 13.  Electricity & Magnetism (<--InProgress)

Chapter 13old.  Electricity & Magnetism Old Notes  

Chapter 14. Scattering

    A synopsis of the above prepared by Wayne Huberty (See Chapter 2)

    The ISPAC #26 2013 Lecture in New Orleans

    Scattering Library

    Scattering HowTo Guides

Chapter 15:  Methods based on Transport

    Part 1:  Flux, Friction and Diffusion

    Part 2:  Sedimentation-based Methods

    Advanced: Langevin Equations (see also Langevin equation Wiki)

    DLS Library

    AUC Library

Chapter 16.  Spectroscopic Methods  (Slide Show)


Section III Applications

Chapter 17.  Liquid Crystals (Slide Show)

Chapter 18. Polymers for Batteries (Slide Show)

Chapter 19. Drug Delivery (Slide Show)

Chapter 20. Adhesives and Fillers

Chapter 21. Textiles


Section IV  Math & Simulations

Chapter 24. Math and Other Basic Resources

Chapter 25. Polymer Simulations (Slide Show Prof. Francisco Hung)


Section V  Epilog

Chapter 26. Beyond Macromolecular

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