MSG Members

Name Position Department Email Address Office Location Research Interest
Christopher Arges
Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering ChE 216 Polymer self-assembly and polymer electrolytes
Dr. Cueto
Rafael Cueto
Research Assistant Professor Chemistry Choppin 239 Polymer characterization
Dr. Dooley
Kerry Dooley
Professor Chemical Engineering ChE 262 Materials chemistry & catalysis
Philip Jung
Assistant Professor Biological & Agricultural Engineering E.B. Doran 167 Tissue regeneration using engineered biomaterials and stem cells
Dr. Li
Guoqiang Li
Professor Mechanical Engineering PFT 2214 Stimuli responsive polymers and self-healing polymer composites
Dr. McCarley
Robin McCarley
Professor Chemistry CMB 231 Biomacromolecules as sensor dyes for diseased human cells
Dr. Melvin
Adam Melvin
Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering ChE 218 Microfluidic devices and peptide biosensors
Ioan Negulescu
Professor Textiles Human Eco. 232
Evgueni Nesterov
Professor Chemistry CMB 449 Conjugated polymers
Dr. Pojman smallest
John Pojman
Professor Chemistry Choppin 207 Frontal polymerization and thiol-acrylate chemistry
Dr. Schneider
Gerald Schneider
Associate Professor Chemistry CMB 331 Neutron scattering in polymers
Dr. Spivak
David Spivak
Professor Chemistry CMB 447 Molecularly imprinted polymers
Dr. Wu
Qinglin Wu
Professor Renewable Natural Resources RNR 107 Nanomaterials & engineered composites
Dr. Zhang
Donghui Zhang
Associate Professor Chemistry CMB 437 Biomimetic and bioinspired polymers and polymerization catalysis