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News received in 2010

Mark Delong and his father visited Africa on a successful hunting trip. The meat is given to needy, and the trophies are taken home to Henderson, Kentucky. (BTW, Prof. Daly also visited Africa with his wife and grandchildren.)
  Michael Baylis wrote from Camp Shelby, MS, that he has returned to the Army as a Sergeant. He continues to "tinker" with computers.
  Caymran Cummings wrote that he is working for Northrup Grumman, performing computer simulations. He is planning to return for an MS degree in computer science, and continues to work with bees and wine.
  Rongjuan Cong visited Seattle and Vancouver, where daughter Nijia fell in love with skiing. Cong continues to work for Dow's polyolefin effort. She visited with Charles Han at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Randy Cush, who continues to live in Switzerland and work for Syngenta, wins the prize for hob-nobbing with celebrities, as the picture shows! This picture was taken at the Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum. Randy remains an auto enthusiast, but there is no need to OWN a car in Switzerland. Instead, one just rents a cool car whenever the occasion demands.

Jirun Sun is in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and has bought a house, lawnmower and the whole catastrophe. He received his first NIH grant this year (congrats!). The picture shows Jirun or wife Lauren (Runmeng) clearing their car from some of that heavy snow that "blessed" the DC area last year. Hard to tell who it is with the parka! No wonder they bought a house...with a garage.
  Amanda Steffens finished her MS degree from Clemson. Plans were to move back to Minnesota for awhile and then join her family as they move to North Carolina.
Erick Soto-Cantu, Rongjuan Cong, Sibel Turksen-Selcuk and Jianhong Qiu are pictured at the ACS Meeting in San Francisco. Erick is completing a postdoc at U.Tenn/Oak Ridge, Cong is mentioned above, Sibel is doing well at Heritage-Environmental in Indianapolis, and Jianhong Qiu was promoted to Senior Research Scientist at Colgate in New Jersey.


News received in 2009

Randy and Sarah Cush are living in Switzerland, still with Syngenta and often hiking. Randy writes: " I have been a Formulation chemist at Syngenta Crop Protection for the past 7 years in our North American headquarters in Greensboro, NC, reaching the level of Staff Chemist as of Dec 08. Starting Jan 2009 I have been the global technical manager in R&D for our Consumer business on a 2 year international assignment at our global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. After my assignment, I plan to return to Greensboro, ---role to be determined. I have written two articles which published in Golf Course Management magazine and have been an inventor on 5 patent applications. One is now a granted patent and two applications have recently published."

Daewon Sohn is a professor in the department of chemistry at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. He has served as a director of academic affairs at the Hanyang University since August 2008. He has been one of the editors of Polymer Bulletin (Springer) since 2008.
  Brian Fong is still working at Buckeye Technologies. His son is in third grade!
  Rongjuan Cong is still working at Dow-Freeport (Texas) as does her husband, Frank. She, Frank and daughter Niija went to China for 2 weeks and had a great experience. Both Cong and Frank are writing papers from Dow, and one of Frank's was featured in C&En News.
  Drew Poche left Dow Chemical (Freeport) to teach high school in Fort Bend, Texas (a suburb of Houston). He is coach and sponsor of the science club and MuAlphaTheta chapter. His team placed first in Texas this year, and he is reaching into the middle schools to do even better in the future. Wife Leah is also teaching.
  Mark Delong is still with Sabic (formerly GE Plastics). He launched a new web business: huntaria.blogspot.com
  Grigor Bantchev as at USDA in Peoria, Illinois.  He is writing grants along with the rest of us. He and family visited to the Smoky Mountains this summer; according to Grigor, "they really are smoky." He reports that summer in Illinois is better than summer in Baton Rouge.

Nadia Edwin completed her NAS/NRC postdoc at NIST. I got to meet her and Nadlee when visiting Philadelphia this summer for the National You Be the Chemist Challenge (won by a Baton Rouge kid!).


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