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Recent News:

May 2006

    I haven't been keeping up with this web space much but there is recent news at CAMD.  The monochrometer is providing us some of the best light we have received at CAMD.  After a few more experiments to determine the amount of x-rays and resolution of detector, we will be ready to perform experiments pertinent to the research at hand. 

August 2004

    Work has resumed on the monochometer and we will likely get light in our hutch soon.

May 2004

    The vacuum manifold was installed and the last table was aligned.  The monochometer made it back in the beamline hutch but has not been fully installed.  A couple of new pictures were added to the photo gallery of the vacuum plumbing coming together.

April 16, 2004

    Users meeting is today at 3pm.  This is a must to maintain an active user status at CAMD.  The alternate date for the safety training will be Wednesday April 21.  There are several times available for training including:  7am, 10am, 3:30pm, and 5pm.  All safety training sessions will be held in the CAMD Conference Room.

April 12, 2004

    The monochrometer was removed from the beamline to install it the other direction.  The Germanium crystals will be added at this time.  It will also give us an opportunity to roughly align the beam.

April 7, 2004

    Shelves hung from treaded rod below the tables of the beamline.

Feb. 26, 2004

    We have Beam!!!  O.K. so I guess we should align it now...

Feb. 5, 2004:

    It looks like CAMD is losing a valuable beamline scientist, Mike Schoonmaker.  We want to thank Mike for his help and expertise. We wish him the best of luck.



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