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Hello.  My name is Garrett and you have stumbled upon my website.

I was born April 2, 1975, in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, to the proud parents of Gary and Patsy Doucet.  We lived there for about 2 years before moving to Luling, Louisiana, where I grew up.  About the time we moved, my younger brother Patrick was born.  My life was no different than any other child...playing, learning, growing, and the occasional mischievous behavior.

I began my education at the age of 5 entering school at Mimosa Elementary and attending for 4 years (K-3).  I then moved to A.A. Songy Elementary School for two years of schooling (4-5) until the school was changed at which point I moved to Lakewood Upper Elementary for 6th grade.  I then went to J.B.Martin Middle School to complete my 7th and 8th grade years before moving to Hahnville High School.  In my Junior year of high school, I was accepted and transferred to Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.  I graduated in 1993.  Thanks Mom and Dad, it has been some of the best education you could have given me.

About the time I entered school, Mom and Dad entered me in Cub Scouts.  I went through Cub Scouts and into Boy Scouts where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1993.  I have a lifetime membership to the National Eagle Scout Association.  Thank you Mom and Dad for this learning experience.  The lessons from my time in scouting are applicable even today.

I was always involved in sports in my youth playing baseball, basketball, and soccer.  In middle and high school I became a football player and threw the shot-put.  I also learned to play the saxophone in school to which one day I will return to this pursuit. 

I entered the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) in 1993 at the "mature" age of 18.  Little did I know that I was still inexperienced and did not know a thing about the world.  I majored in Polymer Science at USM and earned my Bachelor's of Science degree in 1997.  At USM, I was part of the Catholic Student Association (CSA) participating in retreat teams, attended two mission trips to Saltillo, Mexico, and held the position of Social Committee Chairperson for a year. I can not say how much my friends mean to me from my time in Hattiesburg.  I joined the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) professional group in my department.  I also worked for Prof. Gerald Mattson and Prof. Charles Hoyle on donor/acceptor photochemistry.  I enjoyed myself at USM and would recommend the university to anybody looking for a smaller university instead of the large 30,000+ student universities......"Long live the GOLDEN EAGLES!".

I became a graduate student at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1997.  I joined Prof. Paul Russo's group to pursue the physical chemistry of complex polymer solutions.  I have studied polysaccharides and polymer liquid crystals.  I became a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), American Physical Society (APS), Society of Rheology (SOR), and kept up my membership in SPE.  I have truly enjoyed my graduate career.  The science I have been able to probe has been extraordinary, and the friends I have made are dear to my heart and extended family.  I can't and won't try to put a value on the time I have spent learning life's lessons and having a great time at LSU.  Let's just say, I won't ever forget my experience...working until the early morning hours, studying two weeks with others for a cumulative exam, debating science, philosophy, religion, and politics, the band coming over the hill before a football game, pregame, upsetting #1 Florida (1997), getting on the jumbotron in Death Valley, fighting for a close spot to park, going to baseball games, attending Kingfish Hockey games, or just "relaxing" at the local watering holes (The Bayou, Slinky's, Chelsea's, The Chimes, etc.).  Baton Rouge is a great place and so is LSU......"GEAUX TIGERS!"  If you want to learn more about the research I have done, click on this link, Professional Information, or if you can download my curriculum vitae or resume from here..

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