Selected Russo Laboratory Software

All software is in the directory you will reach after clicking the links below, but rather cryptically identified. Use the descriptions here to find what you want. Use at your own risk. Let us know if there's a problem or question (

MADLS subdirectory = Multiple Angle Dynamic Light Scattering: contains LabView software for controlling the multi-angle, multi-correlator device, plus simple analysis by cumulants. Runs on Windows XP.

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LaPlace  zip file = Our package for Inverse Laplace Transforms of DLS data: it's just standard CONTIN wrapped in a GUI. After retooling by PR in the Summer of 2012, the most important elements of the package run on Windows XP but not the EXSAMP (Exponential Sampling) module, which is useful for teaching purposes. We will explore VMWARE and VirtualBox to see if this part can be restored.


GuiDe_ zip file = Our approach to not doing Zimm plots (the non-Zimm program). For a literature reference, see:  J. Poche' et al. Chem. Ed.,  1999, 76 (November), 1534-1538. At the end of the analysis, it produces something that looks like a Zimm plot. One use of that is to print it and ask students to do the analysis with a ruler, pencil and (maybe) calculator.


LFISOFT_ zip file = Ancient DLS routines (CORAN, LFI232, SSLSC etc). Contains Fortran, Pascal or QuickBasic code, mostly for the LFI1096 correlator. Also, useful examples for linear and non-linear fitting, including a Marquardt algorithm optimized for multiple exponentials.

ALV5000Software_ zip file = software WE wrote to support the old ALV5000 correlator; contains ALV-ized versions of software written originally written for LFI1096 (EXSAMP, MARLIN, CONTIN etc.).