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Polymer Microscopy: Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, 3rd ed.(2008)

Linda Sawyer, David T. Grubb, Gregory F. Meyers 


ISBN-10: 0387726276      416 pages

Publisher Description: Polymer Microscopy, Third Edition, is a comprehensive and practical guide to the study of the microstructure of polymers, and is the result of the authors' many years of academic and industrial experience. To address the needs of students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds, introductory chapters deal with the basic concepts of both polymer morphology and processing and microscopy and imaging theory. The core of the book is more applied, with many examples of specimen preparation and image interpretation leading to materials characterization. Microscopy is applied to the characterization of a wide range of polymer systems, including fibers, films, engineering resins and plastics, composites, nanocomposites, polymer blends, emulsions and liquid crystalline polymers. Light microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and scanning and transmission electron microscopy techniques are all considered, as are emerging techniques such as compositional mapping in which microscopy is combined with spectroscopy. This extensively updated and revised Third Edition closes with a problem solving guide, which gives a systematic framework for deciding on suitable approaches to the characterization of polymer microstructure.


Science of Microscopy (2007)

Hawkes, P.W.; Spence, John C.H. (Eds.)


ISBN 978-0-387-49762-4        748 pages

Publisher Description:This fully corrected second impression of the classic 2006 text on microscopy runs to more than 1,000 pages and covers up-to-the-minute developments in the field. The two-volume work brings together a slew of experts who present comprehensive reviews of all the latest instruments and new versions of the older ones, as well as their associated operational techniques. The chapters draw attention to their principal areas of application. New forms of imaging in science have nearly always led to major advances, especially in the nanoworld, and the pace of these developments has increased dramatically in recent decades. Many new types of microscopes have joined the traditional light microscope and the transmission and scanning electron microscopes during the past two decades. A huge range of subjects are benefiting from these new tools, including semiconductor physics, medicine, molecular biology, the nanoworld in general, magnetism, and ferroelectricity. This fascinating book will be an indispensable guide for a wide range of scientists in university laboratories as well as engineers and scientists in industrial R&D departments.


Microscopy Techniques for Materials Science (2002) (Knovel 2005)

Clarke, A.R.; Eberhardt, C.N.

Woodhead Publishing (CRC)

978-1-85573-587-3     424 pages

Publisher Description: An overview of and practical guide to the various computer-aided light microscopical techniques used in materials science today. After introducing the reader to the basic concepts of optics, the interactions between light and matter, and image processing, the book goes on to discuss in depth both 2-d reflection microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy. The application of these techniques to the characterisation of materials is abundantly illustrated through specific case studies. There is also discussion of other modern optical imaging techniques and even of non-optical ones such as x-ray micrography.


Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging. 2nd Ed (2012)

Douglas B. Murphy, Michael W. Davidson


ISBN: 9780471692140        552 pages

Publisher Description: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging, Second Edition provides a coherent introduction to the principles and applications of the integrated optical microscope system, covering both theoretical and practical considerations. It expands and updates discussions of multi-spectral imaging, intensified digital cameras, signal colocalization, and uses of objectives, and offers guidance in the selection of microscopes and electronic cameras, as well as appropriate auxiliary optical systems and fluorescent tags. The book is divided into three sections covering optical principles in diffraction and image formation, basic modes of light microscopy, and components of modern electronic imaging systems and image processing operations. Each chapter introduces relevant theory, followed by descriptions of instrument alignment and image interpretation. This revision includes new chapters on live cell imaging, measurement of protein dynamics, deconvolution microscopy, and interference microscopy.





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