Solvent Properties

CAS 95-50-1

Physical Properties  
Molecular weight 147.00
Boiling point 180.48C
Vapor pressure 1.2 Torr at 20C
Freezing point -17.01C
Refractive index 1.5514 at 20C
Density 1.3058 g/mL (10.897 lb/gal) at 20C
  1.3003 g/mL (10.851 lb/gal) at 25C
Dielectric constant 9.93 at 25C
Dipole moment 2.14 D at 20C
Solvent group 7
Polarity index (P') 2.7
Viscosity 1.32 cP at 25C
Surface tension 26.84 dyn/cm at 20C
Solubility in water 0.016% at 25C
Solubility of water in o-dichlorobenzene 0.31% at 25C
Regulatory and Safety Data  
DOT Hazard Class 6.1, Keep Away From Food
Packing Group III
UN Identification Number UN1591
Storage Store in an area designated for toxic storage with other compatible materials. Keep away from foodstuffs.
EPA applicable waste code(s) U070, F002
Flash point 151F (66C) by closed cup
Lower explosive limit 2.2%
Upper explosive limit 9.2%
Time Weighted Average 25 ppm ACGIH
Special hazard Toxic and corrosive gases are formed when heated to decomposition or ignited.

* Various manufacturers indicate that flammability ranges do exist

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