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THESE GUIDES describe techniques and use of the equipment in the Polymer Analysis Laboratory. A "mirror" (modified) copy  is kept in the  Applied Polymer Technology Extension Consortium (APTEC) website.





                    Analytical Ultracentrifugation




                   Materials Properties





                   Solutions  -  dn/dc

                   Thermal Analysis




LSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

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Excel Tricks

            Solver Template (does a linear fit the nonlinear way).

            Solver Demo (fits sum of sine & cosine)

Laboratory Notebooks (Powerpoint Presentation) (how to keep a decent lab notebook--more than you think)

Survival Skills (how to graph, program, keep records, identify resistors, and other useful stuff)

Writing (advice from the macromolecular faculty)

Data Handling (Powerpoint Presentation)

Manuals: Link to user manuals of instruments/equipment in PAL (Password Protected)

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                        SOLUTIONS - dn/dc


Making Solutions

Solvent Properties


Densitometry using the Paar DMA 58 (Word)


Differential Refractive Index (dn/dc)  

              Excel Spreadsheet Template

              Brice-Phoenix Manual (PDF)

              Brice-Phoenix appendix (PDF)

dn/dc Tutorial (Powerpoint, from APTEC)

dn/dc tables and papers (Password Protected)


Abbe Zeiss refractometer


Nano Measurement Protocols (NIST)

                Sample Preparation Protocols (NIST)

                Physico Chemical Measurement Protocols (NIST)

                Biological Measurement Protocols (NIST)

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Multiple-angle, multiple-correlator DLS (MADLS)

Guinier Plot (Radius of Gyration from Light Scattering)

Dynamic Light Scattering Minicourse

             *Final exam        *Accompanying Data File

Dynamic Light Scattering (Legacy Document)

         (Practice data for Laplace Inversion: Milk or Dow Polystyrene 1683

DLS Alignment

Bock/Siano Microemulsion recipe

Light Scattering Intensity Measurements

Zimm Plots

        Download Zip File for Program GuiDe

        GuiDe Manual; the Zimm Plot info is in an Appendix 

        Related J. Chem.Ed. article (Russo, Fong, Temyanko & Ricks, J.Chem.Ed. 1999, 76(11), 1534.

Learn about Laplace Inversion for Size Distribution (external; backup is saved on web; contact PR or RC if link is broken)

Measuring the Size of Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media Using Batch-Mode Dynamic Light Scattering

          NIST-NCL Joint Assay Protocol, PCC-1 Version 1.2 (

Malvern ZetaSizer Nano ZS

            Manuals and Tutorials (Password Protected)

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Intrinsic Viscosity

Using the Wells-Brookfield Viscometer (also requires instrument manual = LVTDCP.pdf)

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Overview Document

            (Practice data: Velocity and Equilibrium)

            (Step-by-step Instructions for Velocity Run)

            (Step-by-step Instructions for Equilibrium Run)

            (Video for cell assembly)

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Links to Microscopy Resources (Protocols, Tutorials, Vendors, Books, etc)

Microscopy from the Very Beginning (Zeiss Copyright: see Dr. Cueto)

Photography Through the Microscope (Kodak Copyright: see Dr. Cueto)

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Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

Gel Permeation Chromatography with Light Scattering (GPC/LS)

            Adobe Acrobat .pdf version

            Practice Data

            Wyatt Astra/Dawn Manuals, Tutorials, etc (Password Protected)

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                        THERMAL ANALYSIS


TA Manuals, etc (Password Protected)

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                        MATERIALS PROPERTIES


  Anotop (Whatman (Cytiva) filter membranes

            VWR Store

            Fishersci Store


Whatman Filter Information

Refractive Index of Polymers (From the Polymer Properties Database)

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PAL Scheduling      NEW SCHEDULER (03-01-2018)

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